For me October is not only a month of Our Lady of the Rosary, but also a month of special thanksgiving.  It’s true we thank God every day especially celebrating our Eucharist.  But in October all our brothers and sisters in Canada join in giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day.

Many find drawing up a gratitude list is a good way to celebrate this day.  It’s like ‘counting one’s blessings’.  A couple of weeks ago my niece Candace emailed me an article with an interesting twist on that.  In “Don’t Count Your Blessings. Do This Instead” Ozan Varol wrote, “This Thanksgiving, create the George Bailey effect in your life. Instead of counting your blessings, subtract them. The results will surprise you.”

Explaining that ‘counting his blessings’ too many times had lost its impact on him, he decided on a new approach.  Inspired by the classic film often viewed at Christmas, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, in which the main character, George Bailey, was granted his wish that he would not have been born and then witnessed the dreadful things that happened to his community as a result, Ozan slightly changed his list.

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