Last week there was considerable talk about the latest letter fugitive archbishop Vigano sent to President Trump in which Vigano warns of “The Great Reset”–a global conspiracy to reset world economics and institute a global totalitarian state. You can read the letter and a fairly objective reporting about it here and you can read the predictably slanted mainstream media coverage of the letter here.

I read the letter and have read a few articles about the World Economic Forum’s dream of a new economic order. If conspiracies are secret affairs there does not seem to be that much that is secret. Time magazine featured a cover story on the “great reset” and WEF leaders are on video discussing how the pandemic provides the perfect excuse to introduce population control, monitoring and usher in an economic collapse out of which could emerge the new economic order.

I’m also reading Rod Dreher’s new book  Live Not By Lies  in which Dreher discusses in detail the advances made by information technology companies in the daily control and influencing of our lives. He also discusses the “social credit” system of control already in place in China and sees that as a model for growing manipulation by nefarious powers.

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