A decade or so ago, an early social media kerfuffle erupted over a woman who was discovered to have posed topless for some publication. Although society had already become increasingly numb to nudity, the moment was deemed noteworthy (and jeer-worthy) because the woman involved had at some point had publicly professed herself a Christian.

Her name is not important now, except to God and the people who love her, but at the time noise was noteworthy enough to show up in my journal, where I’d written: “. . .if you’re going to take off your top for a camera, be prepared (sooner or later) to have to answer for it, both in this world and the next . . . you’ll answer for it because when you claim Christ you choose exile, and therefore will be held to a different standard, entirely, than the world’s.”

In the next world, of course, we will answer to Christ, himself. Jesus is just, but the Gospels repeatedly show us that he is also much more understanding and merciful than we humans are, and we count on that.

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