The birthplace of David Hockney, the northern city of Bradford, is the setting for ‘The Priest’ – a film that charts life in the parish of ‘Mary, Mother of God’ from the beginning of Lent to Easter Sunday – the most important season in the Church’s liturgical calendar.  As a priest, Fr Paul Grogan supports people in their joys and in their pain – the film opens with a funeral; features a baptism and shares the intimacy and beauty of a deathbed scene.  The work of ‘The Priest’ is one of love and service, not just in administering to his parish, but providing invaluable, social support to the community.

Fr Paul Grogan, originally from Halifax worked as a journalist after graduating from the University of Cambridge.  He went onto train for the priesthood at the Venerable English College in Rome in the late 80s to mid-90s.

He has spent time as a university and hospital chaplain and worked in a Young Offenders Institution.  He has also been the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Leeds and since 2015, has been the parish priest of ‘Mary, Mother of God’.

Praise the Lord

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