Benedict Ambrose and I have ended our travellers’ quarantine. Hoorah! This morning we rushed out to celebrate our freedom at my favourite cafe. We had not seen Edinburgh by daylight since October 2, so we  did a lot of staring out the windows of our bus to the Bridges. 

Fortunately, I knew well enough to check in advance to see if the cafe was open and if reservations were necessary. Yes and yes. There is now a 90 minute limit on how long one can stay, no doubt a hardship on those who treated the place like their office. However, it seemed quite reasonable to us. 

The Bridges seemed rather strange, though. There were not many people around. And when we got to the cafe, there was more strangeness. For one thing, we could not go through the old entrance. We had to go in through the other door, which used not to be used at all. We had to wait at the sign for a barista to show us to our table. Half the second room has been turned into a coffee accessories shop; it was going that way already, but now its commercial side is fully developed. In the principal room, the red leather armchairs in the windows are no more and there are tables pushed against the wall with the coat hooks. 

Praise the Lord

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