“He that walketh with the wise, shall be wise: a friend of fools shall become like to them”

(Proverbs 13:20 DRB).

There are, I know, exceptions to this “rule,” but let’s stipulate that men who enter the priesthood are good guys:  They like people, generally interact well with people, expect good things from other people, and are surprised and disappointed when others let them down.  Customarily, priests expect the best of people, not the worst; they expect that people will do the intentional right thing, not the deliberate wrong one; and that apologies will follow if and after people recognize their errors. If sin is a fact of our fallen lives, our priests give full credit to the people they know for apparently trying to fight the good spiritual fight.  Priests are optimists fond of saying things such as they have read the last page of the Bible, and God wins!

Praise the Lord

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