While we were in Rome, a large poster for the Fendi label appeared on a building just off the Piazza Farnese. It featured a beautiful young woman radiating happiness over a Fendi handbag. The handbag is open to show her initials, Z.D., and shortly before we left Rome I finally noticed her name written in smaller letters on the side of the ad: Zoey Deutch.

But I didn’t recognise her. To me she was just a very, very happy young woman, and Benedict Ambrose and I pondered whether or not a handbag in itself could make anyone that happy. I soon concluded that it could if it were a gift. My nephew Pirate asked for Kappa gear for Christmas last year, and when his uncles and aunt showered him with it, he was utterly delighted. Then we were happy, too.  

Naturally I then pondered if this conversation was entirely frank and aboveboard, and if I were hinting that B.A. should get me a Fendi bag with my initials on it. However, the perennial thought “Where would I wear it?” intruded.  Indeed, the question more pertinent than ever for, thanks to quarantine, I couldn’t even wear it to church. 

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