As various parts of the world enter yet-another totalitarian lockdown, precipitating further social and spiritual malaise, if not outright despair – there will come a day of reckoning for the political and medical apparatchiks – I was very glad, a ray of hope, to read of Cardinal Sarah’s tweet – tweeting cardinals being a rather odd image, now that I write that – making clear the right of the faithful to receive regular Holy Communion and Confession. In his Eminences’ own words, in case the censorious homeless-looking Dude Dorsey decides to take own the offensive prose:

Nobody can prevent a priest from confessing and giving communion, nobody has the right to stop him. The sacrament must be respected. So even if it is not possible to attend Masses, the faithful can ask to be confessed and to receive Communion. +RS

We must keep our spirits and souls cleansed, nourished and fed, even more so than our bodies. I’m not sure what level of Magisterial authority a tweet has, but these are the words of the Head of the Congregation of Divine Worship, so it seems priests are bound to fulfill this exhortation, regardless of political diktat.

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