I will state immediately that I spent a third of my time in Rome working: about seven to eight hours a work day. Benedict Ambrose will say that it was more than that, but as far as I can recall I worked just one Sunday and then a Saturday. I definitely wrote an article on the Monday of our flight home because the President of Poland had done something important, controversial and disappointing on Friday, and despite all our positive coverage of them, my bosses are not shills for the President of Poland or his political party.

I did a lot of writing in the second bedroom. It had a sort of desk, but it was too high for typing on, so mostly I stretched out on one of the narrow twin beds and typed on my laptop. This was a very sunny room, and however depressing the news got, at least I had sun. 

Benedict Ambrose did all the home cooking, as he usually does, but he was relieved from this task when we went out for supper or for an enormous lunch which reduced supper to a snack. Most of the time we went to restaurants within easy walking distance, but once we met a seminarian friend in a building that used to be part of the home of the King Over the Water, i.e. King James III and VIII, and family. It was about a 40 minute walk away.

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