Many scholars claim that the Enlightenment permanently dethroned Christianity and installed “reason” in its place, but this is only a myth.

In “Rethinking the Enlightenment,” Dr. Joseph Stuart, an associate professor of history and fellow of Catholic studies at the University of Mary, masterfully reexamines the relationship between the Enlightenment and Christianity, uncovering the time-tested strategies that Christians today must employ for their faith to flourish in an anti-Christian culture: conflict, engagement, and retreat. If Christians follow these strategies, a tough, intellectually sophisticated, and evangelically oriented Christianity can emerge, just as it did during the Enlightenment.

“This book will help you understand what preceded the issues which bedevil modern man, and what — in the Enlightenment — was gained and lost . . . and perhaps can be regained by thoughtful readers,” commented William Fahey, fellow, and president of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.

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