“In God alone there is rest for my soul, from him comes my safety; he alone is my rock, my safety, my mstronghold on that I stand unshaken”.  (Psalm 62)

Recently, and totally out of the blue, I experienced a mild stroke, officially known as a TIA.     In reflection, it was all so surreal.   On the day it happened, I hopped out of bed to make a cuppa as is my morning routine.   I felt perfectly OK, although a little sleepy, not having slept well the night before.    I remember tossing and turning most of the night as rain and wind lashed noisily against my bedroom window.

I settled down with the Lord, my daily readings and my cuppa.   However, feeling tired, I read only for a short while before hopping back into bed.   Sleep did come eventually.    Later when I woke, it was then that I felt a bit ‘strange’.   A sense of heaviness seemed to be enveloping me.

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