The McCarrick report reveals a substantial degree of tolerance towards homosexual conduct by the clergy, which is punished only if minors are the persons abused. This report also ignores the fact that the McCarrick case is only the tip of the iceberg of a power system controlled by the gay lobby.

Whether it is a ‘truth operation’ as announced, or a “surreal operation of mystification” as immediately defined by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, there is no doubt that the McCarrick Report presented yesterday in the Vatican is destined to raise more questions than the answers it offers.

While awaiting additional and more specific analyses of this case involving the former cardinal archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick,  there are two questions that are real eye openers, both of them connected with homosexuality: the first is tolerance towards homosexual conduct also on the part of members of the clergy; the second is the coverup of a gay lobby and a system that promotes “the career” of trendy clergymen.

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