“Whilst in Rome before the 2005 papal conclave, the cardinals who were members of the Saint Gallen Group sent their host Ivo Fürer a card saying: ‘We are here together in the spirit of Saint Gallen,’ and before the conclave they came together for a talk over dinner. According to an anonymous cardinal’s excerpts from whose diary were published by (Lucio) Brunelli, two of them, Lehmann and Danneels, were ‘the thinking core’ of the reformisti during the conclave. These reformisti did not want to vote for Joseph Ratzinger, and tried to prevent his election by giving all their votes to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who thus might achieve a blocking minority. They succeeded, but Bergoglio, ‘almost in tears,’ begged not to be elected. Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI.” —A brief summary of the actions taken by members of the “St. Gallen Group” to try to elect Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) as Pope in 2005. The effort was repeated, and did succeed, in 2013. (link) Did Theodore McCarrick have some connection with this St. Gallen group? The answer is not clarified by the Vatican’s just released 400+-page “McCarrick Report.” Such a connection, if established, would seem to be of importance in understanding McCarrick’s career, and how he was treated by the Vatican hierarchy over the decades. But the “McCarrick Report” authors do not seem to think this question of any importance…

    “It is clear that the beginning of McCarrick’s climb… coincided with that visit to Switzerland [Note: in 1951, when McCarrick was just 21 years old], to a monastery that was later the site of the meetings of the conspirators of the so-called “St. Gallen mafia.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, speaking yesterday, November 12, to Raymond Arroyo in an interview on EWTN. (link to the video; well worth watching; you may follow the interview by reading, while listening, the written text of the interview which follows below, at the bottom)

    “Who convinced John Paul II and Benedict XVI not to take into account the serious accusations against McCarrick? Who had an interest in getting McCarrick promoted, so that he could gain an advantage in terms of power and money?” —Archbishop Viganò, from the same interview

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