At our sponsor sites in Bolivia, the Christmas season is an incredibly special and anticipated time of the year. In 2019, families and children at our Leventate Mujer site warmly celebrated the birth of Jesus with a joyous community gathering, thanks to the kind supporters who donated to our Christmas fund!

The planning for this long-awaited event began well in advance. Chalice family circles, comprised of parents of sponsored children, eagerly helped arrange music, gifts, and food for the party. They were especially keen to share recipes for custom chocolates and traditional fritters! One group was in charge of rehearsing traditional Christmas carols and arranging a dance for the children to learn. Each and every participant put so much effort into preparing for this jubilant event.

When the day of the celebration finally arrived, the joy was reflected on every child’s face. Families shared cookies, pork cracklings, chocolates, popcorn, milk, and sweet Christmas bread amongst each other’s company. Then was time for the festive songs and dances! In one dance called a Chuquisaca, the children performed front of a nativity of the child Jesus as a gesture of devotion.

Praise the Lord

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