CNA Staff, Nov 11, 2020 / 04:00 pm (CNA).- An ecumenical group of advocates for persecuted Christians is calling on the U.S. to condemn Turkey and Azerbaijan, amid a conflict over a disputed area in the Caucasus Mountains that has led to the deaths of over a thousand Armenians in recent months.

In a letter coordinated by the Philos Project, a group that advocates for religious pluralism in the Middle East, more than 40 signatories faulted Turkey for its “increasingly aggressive, anti-American foreign policy” and its support for apparent Azebaijani aggression against Armenians.

“Turkey and Azerbaijan, with a combined population of 100 million, are working with terrorist mercenaries to target Armenia, population 3 million…in a continuation of a century-long attempt to destroy a blockaded, landlocked, and partitioned state filled with descendants of genocide survivors,” the letter reads.

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