Dear People of God, People of Myanmar

Today we have gathered in a moment of grief and grace.   Grief because we have come to say farewell to a great son of Kachin, a great son of Myanmar, a great and beloved son of mother church.  This is also a moment of grace because God the Lord in his infinite grace granted to us a great shepherd in Archbishop Paul.   Archbishop Paul is the great gift of God to Kachins, Catholics, and Myanmar.

There will be never another one like him.  We have come here not to bury him, but to praise him.  He will not be happy that we shed only tears:  he will like all of us to remember him as a man who loved the Kachins, the Catholics, and every Burmese with a heart that had space for everyone.   We bid farewell to his mortal body, but we will live with his legacy of love and large-heartedness.

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