…reveals a not-unexpected result in the elections: Biden/Harris by a narrow win.

If we assume that Mr Biden will be a short-term president, it seems relevant to look at Mrs Harris. She  emerges as an ambitious, highly materialistic woman largely without principles or ideology. The ardent feminists don’t like her much, as she has pushed her own career rather than promoting the lesbian/transgender/rights-for-“sex-workers” etc agenda. 

It’s always unimpressive when a woman who takes office starts not by affirming her commitment to public service or to the common good but by making  a speech  on the lines of “Ooh, how proud Grandma would  be of me!”.  Maybe Grandma would, but that is hardly the point. Government is about service. Take a leaf from Mrs Thatcher’s book – her words on becoming Britain’s first woman Prime Minister were carefully chosen, to include a traditional often-quoted prayer and to show respect for the great public office she was to hold.  

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