A series of events unraveled the community of the Daughters of the Cross. It started when Sr. Flora was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the 5th of October. The next day, Sr. Suchita was also admitted to the hospital, and her condition worsened the following day. On that week, eighteen Sisters of the community were diagnosed with the virus. Sr. Anupama, the Provincial superior, and six other Sisters were having bad symptoms and had to be hospitalized immediately.

After eight days in the hospital, some Sisters could come back home, provided that they would keep quarantine for eight more days. Sr. Suchita did not come home. On the 23rd of October at 8:00 PM, Sr. Suchita passed away.

Sr. Suchita passed away on the 23rd of October, in Rourkela, India

Praise the Lord

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