This is the anniversary of the first printing of Darwin’s Origin of Species, back in 1859, whose theme was the ‘survival of the fittest’ or, more accurately, the non-survival of the un-fit.

We will have more to say about evolution, but, for now, the materialist stance of Darwin, that this world is all there is, more or less governed by random chance, implies the poverty of those who ‘live for this world alone’, to paraphrase Saint Paul, and who are most to be pitied. We may call to mind the representative milquetoast millennial – a certain Wes Siler – who has described in vivid detail the vivisection of having his vas deferens severed in that tragic procedure known as a ‘vasectomy’. His reason? Of course, to ‘fight climate change’. His logic, such as it be, is that nothing he could do to lower his carbon emission would compare to simply not having carbon-producing beings called ‘children’.

One wonders what our forefathers would have thought of men – and I use that term advisedly – voluntarily getting themselves neutered like dogs and cats.

Praise the Lord

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