Ralph Martin is a  highly respected academic and holds an STD from the Angelicum. He has published many books I have used in my own academic study. This talk must be listened to, it covers some really important topics. One of his most influential books is Will Many Be Saved. If you have drunk the Kool Aid of a generation of false prophets who have tried to tell us that there is no need to be worried about our salvation, we don’t have to do anything and everyone is going to heaven no matter what, you need to acquaint yourself with Martin’s work and what the Church HAS ALWAYS TAUGHT ON THIS SUBJECT! The watering down of the teachings of Jesus on these issues has led to a decimation of the Church’s missionary work & a prevalence of universalism which is doing untold damage, as Martin puts it using biblical language: the wild boar has entered the vineyard and is rooting up the vines.

Praise the Lord

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