What is Evangelization and do Catholics Do It?

Two years ago I was traveling down I-85 on a summer afternoon southbound. As I approached Charlotte NC I noticed that the northbound highway was closed to traffic. Then I noticed as I drove south that on the bridges over the highway were gathered emergency vehicles of all sorts with cars and truck and people gathered. Then as I got closer to Charlotte I saw people lined up along the highway on the other side. Then some motorcycle outriders appeared follow by a funeral cortege.

It was Billy Graham’s body being transported to lie in state in our nation’s capital.

I was brought up in a fundamentalist, Protestant home. One of the strengths of this background was an awareness of the need to present the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly to a needy world.

Praise the Lord

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Pro-life groups sue DC over chalk messages, alleging ‘viewpoint discrimination’

Denver Newsroom, Nov 19, 2020 / 04:10 pm (CNA).- Two pro-life groups are suing Washington D.C., alleging that the city discriminated against their pro-life viewpoints by refusing to grant permission to paint or chalk messages on the street, while allowing other activist groups to do so.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court November 18, the Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) contend that D.C. police discriminated against their viewpoints by preventing them from chalking pro-life messages on the sidewalk, while other groups have not been punished after painting and chalking messages on the streets and sidewalks of D.C. this year.

“The District of Columbia, like many American jurisdictions, prohibits the defacement of public property,” the lawsuit, filed by the Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom, notes.

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Young People Crave Truth That Only Traditional Catholicism Can Deliver

By Ben Hachten

As I was reading the comments (I know, never do that) of my recent article in The American Conservative, It’s Not Your Father’s GOP, several commenters opined that a socially conservative political movement will never play with the Millennial and Gen Z crowd. In essence, their argument was that young people are, and always will be, far more socially liberal than their parents, and nothing conservatives say or do can change this reality. In other words, the arc of humanity is socially progressive—abortion, marriage, and religion are out of the cards if conservatives wish to galvanize the young.

I think that this cynicism towards reaching the younger generations is probably a widely shared viewpoint among progressives and conservatives alike and is thus worth addressing from a decidedly Catholic perspective. Despite the wave of relativism that has left millions of young people with increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and factually wrong views about history (and not just this country’s), I don’t think we are helplessly destined to accept the empty promises of modernity. I think that young people, just like everyone else, crave meaning—Truth—amidst the chaos of life. Truth that only traditional Catholicism can deliver. If we wish to reclaim the culture, we can never waver on the Truth.

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John Paul II, Poland and the Land Down Under

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II, with Catholics reflecting on a Pope who still remains a “spiritual compass” fifteen years after his death. His demise was an irreparable loss for all Catholics, not least Polish-Australians, but also for some Italian and Irish-Australians – we were all like sheep without a shepherd, at least for a while.

Though Catholics are seeking to interpret their faith equally as many of their mainline Protestant brethren, they are assisted by the Virgin Mary, along with a plethora of Saints who in a special way offer support from Heaven. They ought to remember that they would never be able to bear what may well be the coming persecution in their own strength. This anniversary of the great Pope’s birth provides a great opportunity to rediscover the wealth of thoughts of the Pontiff and show mettle in the painful hour of an Australian Good Friday.

Words stated by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, on October 5, 1995 to the General Assembly and the United Nations staff, perfectly fit in the current so-called Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency. “We must learn not to be afraid, we must rediscover a spirit of hope and a spirit of trust. Hope is not empty optimism springing from a naive confidence that the future will necessarily be better than the past. Hope and trust are the premise of responsible activity and are nurtured in that inner sanctuary of conscience where “man is alone with God.”

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NYC Catholic schools in session while pandemic closes public schools

CNA Staff, Nov 19, 2020 / 04:00 pm (CNA).- Catholic schools in New York City will remain open for in-person learning on a school-by-school basis even as the city’s public schools have closed amid a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We intend to keep our buildings open regardless of decisions made by Mayor de Blasio regarding NYC public schools,” Superintendent Michael Deegan said in a Nov. 14 letter to parents of Catholic school students in the Archdiocese of New York.

When the letter was sent, there was expectation that New York’s public schools would soon close to in-person learning.

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