Dr Ramona Coelho Speaks on Conscience Rights.

Dr Ramona Coelho is a family physician from London, Ontario who cares for people with disabilities and marginalized persons.

We’re in a very difficult situation in Ontario. Our College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has a polity that mandates that we don’t follow our consciences, that we make referrals and arrange interviews for medical aid in dying even if we don’t feel that this is a good thing for the patient.

So the government is saying now that I have to check my conscience at the door, and whatever is legal, I need to offer my patient. However, there are things that are legal now, in Canada, that I do not and cannot ever accept as good for my patient.

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Abuse, racism and COVID-19: Advisory councils make recommendations to bishops 

Denver Newsroom, Nov 16, 2020 / 07:14 pm (CNA).- Clerical sex abuse, the COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions were the focus of recommendations made by two councils that serve in advisory roles to the U.S. bishops at their fall general assembly.

The video remarks were pre-recorded, and thus were made before the November 10 release of the Vatican’s report on Theodore McCarrick, the former American cardinal who was laicized in 2019.

Deborah Amato, chair of the National Advisory Council, said one of the council’s recommendations was for bishops to make information about abuse protections and interventions more accessible for Catholics.

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Equipping Catholic Families for Advent!

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The Feast of Christ the King is coming! We’ve got a Craft Kit for that! Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy plus Christ the King Novena is an easy-to-assemble Craft to keep track of prayers for the Novena of Christ the King as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplet! November 24th is the Feast of Christ […]

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USCCB 2020 fall meeting: Day 1 recap

CNA Staff, Nov 16, 2020 / 06:38 pm (CNA).- An emphasis on the need for healing, in both the Church and broader society, was prominent throughout the first day of the fall general assembly for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

In his address Monday, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the conference, called for a “heroic Christianity” that forms missionary disciples.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken people’s faith in God, Gomez said. More than just a public health emergency, the pandemic has raised “fundamental questions about divine Providence and the goodness of God,” and it is the Church’s duty to share the Gospel message as a response to the fear and uncertainty that are pervasive in society.

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