Diocesan commission backs Argentina bishop over seminary closing

CNA Staff, Nov 4, 2020 / 08:00 pm (CNA).- Amid tension and protests in one Argentine city over the Vatican-ordered closure of a diocesan seminary, some Catholics have expressed their support for the decision to close the seminary, and for their diocesan bishop.

“We stand with you, bishop, as an instrument of the Divine will, and by the Ministry you have been invested in, and in sacred obedience, we assure you of our prayers to the Blessed Virgin so that she may strengthen you and that you may continue in the fidelity that God has asked of you,” said a Nov. 1 statement from the social and pastoral ministry commission of the Argentine Diocese of San Rafael.

The statement came after protestors demonstrated last week in front of the diocesan offices and cathedral of the San Rafael diocese, urging a reversal of a decision from the Vatican to close the Mary Mother of God Seminary in the diocese, which was announced in July.

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How should a Christian respond to suffering? Archbishop Sample reflects

CNA Staff, Nov 4, 2020 / 07:29 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland discussed the meaning of suffering – and how Catholics should respond to it – in a recent video reflection.

“We’ve been suffering through this pandemic. We’re suffering through these terrible divisions in our country and the remnants of evils, such as racism [and] social unrest. Here in Oregon, we’ve had these terrible wildfires,” he said October 23 on his weekly video program, Chapel Chat.

“Even though we know suffering is always there, it’s a little bit in our face right now more so perhaps than in the usual course of things. It’s important for a Christian to understand the meaning of suffering.”

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The 2020 Election chaos can be linked to the sexual revolution

Mary Eberstadt felt vindicated by last night’s 2020 Presidential election results. Why? She has been saying for years that, “The sexual revolution is now having system wide political consequences.”

Eberstadt, who has authored numerous books and essays about the sexual revolution, joins The Van Maren Show to discuss how the sexual revolution, the break-down of the family, and identity politics have brought us to where we are today.

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