Celebrating All the Saints

Let us all rejoice in the Lord, as we celebrate the feast day in honour of all the Saints, at whose festival the Angels rejoice and praise the Son of God (Entrance Antiphon).⧾

Today we celebrate the glorious Feast of All Saints and the sacred liturgy directs our gaze to the Heavenly Jerusalem, our ultimate destiny. We were created by God to share in His glory. If we are unclear, confused or ignorant of our life’s meaning and purpose, today’s Feast removes all doubt.

After this I looked, and there was a great multitude that no one could count from every nation from all tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and before the Lamb, robed in white with palm branches in their hands. They cried out in a loud voice ‘Salvation belongs to our God who is seated on the throne and to the Lamb!’ (Rev. 7:9-10).

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Rethinking the Enlightenment: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Stuart

Joseph T. Stuart, PhD, is Associate Professor of History and Fellow in Catholic Studies at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is the author of Rethinking the Enlightenment: Faith in the Age of Reason. In this interview, Jared Zimmerer discusses Dr. Stuart’s work and how we might better understand what the Enlightenment caused and what Catholics can learn from its history.

JZ: Did the Enlightenment secularize the modern world? 

JS: This is a complex and fascinating question! Due to the anti-Christian legacy of the French Revolution (1789-1799) many people have assumed the answer is yes. Both Christians and secularists have blamed (or praised) the Enlightenment for this. Christianity just could not stand up, they seem to think, to the critical intelligence of the Age of Reason and the widespread excitement about scientific knowledge.

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Vatican Secretariat of State provides context of Pope Francis civil union remark

CNA Staff, Nov 1, 2020 / 04:55 pm (CNA).-  

The Vatican’s Secretary of State has asked papal representatives to share with bishops some clarifications regarding comments on civil unions made by Pope Francis in a recently released documentary, according to the apostolic nuncio to Mexico.

The clarifications explain that the pope’s comments do not pertain to Catholic doctrine regarding the nature of marriage as a union between one man and one woman, but to provisions of civil law.

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Life in social media for Pandemic youngsters. (Spanish) Los jóvenes en encierro y la vida virtual.



Blanca nos invita hoy a estar pendientes de nuestros jóvenes que se están criando, con el encierrro de la pandemia COVID19, en las redes sociales. Además de socializar a través de estos grandes medios, pero que los exponen a peligros nuevos que pueden vulnerar su dignidad de personas. 

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Sex ed on the ballot in Washington, definition of marriage in Nevada 

CNA Staff, Nov 1, 2020 / 04:11 pm (CNA).- Washington state voters have a chance to reject a new “comprehensive” sex education law this Election Day, and the state’s Catholic bishops say they should.

Meanwhile, Nevada voters can decide whether to preserve constitutional language recognizing marriage as a union of one man and one woman, although the state is required by a 2015 Supreme Court decision to recognize same-sex marriage.

Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg of Seattle, speaking on behalf of the Washington State Catholic Conference, sought to rally voters to reject a comprehensive sexual health bill presented in measure R 90. “The bishops of Washington state strongly recommend that you check ‘reject’ on Referendum 90,” he said in an Oct. 12 video.

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