The Apostolic Vicariate of Inírida continues, in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, its work of assistance and proximity to some indigenous communities in the Department of Guainía. As of November, a second round of humanitarian and health assistance is planned for the communities living along the Guainía river, which crosses the department in the central part.

According to information sent to Fides, this mission intends to “support and strengthen health assistance for five communities of the Curripaco ethnic group on the Guainía river, by visiting Galilee, San Felipe, Puerto Colombia, San José, and Santa Rita, as well as two communities in Venezuela, including Maroa and San Gabriel”. The department borders, in the west by the Venezuelan state of Amazonas and in the south by the Brazilian Amazonas.

The group will be accompanied by a doctor and two nursing assistants, who will participate in the consultations for seven months, by a couple of lay missionaries who will distribute humanitarian aid consisting of food kits and biosecurity materials, as well as pastorally supporting these communities. There will also be other local collaborators in different areas. In this context 1,200 food aid kits, 1,200 hygiene kits, and biosecurity items will be delivered to five health centers in Colombia and two in Venezuela. Medicines and personal protective items will also be provided in this context.

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