I think the West is in a crisis now as far as the moral life goes.  Young men and women are growing up with the idea that one can do whatever one wants, and whenever one wants to do it without any consequences.  Indeed, our society has done a very good job of painting the moral life as something backward, repressed, and ultimately unhappy.  In actuality, the opposite is the case.

Yet, in today’s culture, I would argue that there are some basic reasons for why my generation has seemed to have lost its moral sensibility.  First, I think we have lost God because we have become prideful.  We can do many things today that were impossible only 100 years ago.

We can communicate with each other faster than a breath.  We can travel to the most distant parts of the globe.  There are innumerable sicknesses and diseases which no longer plague us.  But with this “power” over nature and ourselves, we have also lost the sense that we are vulnerable.

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