In my last article, I wrote that I would soon cast a vote against the party that promises to persecute the Church, and to subjugate all her schools, colleges, and beneficent organizations to an ideology that is fundamentally inhuman. I said also that that was no ringing endorsement for the other party.

Several readers accused me of ingratitude. I take the accusation seriously. Let me then say that I am grateful for what assistance, though sporadic and founded on no coherent philosophy of man, we receive from political bodies. Nor should we underestimate the power of such assistance.

To give one important example: when the secretary of a national department that should not exist (Education) moves to return to parents and local communities some measure of authority over their schools, and to give leverage to those parents who are otherwise at the mercy of their putative betters, for the opportunity to decline to take part in the immoral, the foolish, and the destructive is a powerful weapon for reform, then she and her administration deserve the gratitude of Roman Catholics and of all people who still recall, however faintly, that the family is anterior to all political machinery.

Praise the Lord

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