(It is difficult to believe that I wrote this piece five years ago, after a terrorist bomb attack in France at a soccer stadium, with at least one hundred killed. The slaughter of three people yesterday in the cathedral in Nice was not as numerically prominent by an illegal immigrant from Tunisia, but the fact that the killing – with one woman beheaded – in the midst of God’s holy sanctuary speaks volumes of the increasing intensity, barbarity and brazenness. What I said a half-decade past still holds true today, and, with the change of a few names, personal and locational, it seems au courant. Islam is as Islam does. Someone wrote to me today, saying that Archbishop Lefebvre – whatever we may think of his actions – warned of this back in 1989, when Islamic terrorism was still sort of far on the radar. Now, it’s right on our doorstep. So peruse as you might, and pray for the dead, and the living…) Editor

The massacre in Paris yesterday marks the beginning, we may presume, of other tragedies to come.  Well over one hundred dead, hundreds more injured, with a bomb going off in the Stade de France where President Hollande himself was taking in the French-German football (soccer) match.

Our first response is to pray for the victims and their families, but there must also be a practical, this-side-of-eternity response also.  Mr. Hollande’s promise to ‘wage a war without compromise’ sort of misses the point:  This is not a ‘war’ in any traditional sense of the word, for there is no ‘nation’ attacking France, unless one includes the vague and indeterminate ‘nation of Islam’.  But that is just the point:  The enemy himself is ‘vague and indeterminate’.  He does not wear a uniform, he may be from any nation, indeed, he may be born on the very soil of France, he may even swear allegiance to all that France (or name your country) holds dear.  For in Islam, lying to the infidel is no crime or sin at all (at least, we may presume, in the ideological interpretation of ISIS).

Praise the Lord

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