How to prepare and live the Missionary Month of October when the country is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic? The difficult situation in Spain in this regard has prompted the National Direction of Pontifical Mission Societies to work digitally, reaching out to the population through the publication of stories and digital testimonies of missionaries on the dedicated website.

The website in question serves to sensitize the population on the celebration of World Mission Day and to help the fundraising that supports the presence of the Church in more than 1,100 mission territories, according to Fides News Agency. It is an open channel to help at the same time all the Dioceses, by allowing the Church, through this collection operated through digital means, to present the Good News throughout the world and to stay with those who suffer the most, even in these times marked by the pandemic.

In this way, we can listen to the testimonies of missionaries on the meaning that the theme of World Mission Day “Here I am, send me” has had in their lives. “Knowing the Lord is the greatest gift we can have in this life, and Jesus’ call to participate in His mission is a very great gift. “Here I am, send me!”. As Pope Francis says, each of us is on a mission in this world and it is very beautiful to see how the Lord works in the hearts of people, in all peoples and cultures, how he precedes, accompanies, and loves everyone in a unique and special way. The greatest joy is to be able to spend a whole life at the service of God and that the tenderness of his Father, his living Word which is Jesus and his love, namely the Holy Spirit, be known and loved”, says Sister Victoria Braquehais, member of the Pureza de María Congregation and who is a missionary in Ngovayang, in the heart of the southern jungle of Cameroon.

Praise the Lord

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