Could this happen in Canada? One wonders, with all those detention centres being constructed in remote locations, for reasons that are opaque, to which Randy Hillier could receive no clear answer. As one person wrote to me, Slovaki is the California of Covid trends – on the cusp of the curve. Here’s hoping we derail from that totalitarian trajectory well before this.

And on an anecdotal note, soccer – sorry, football – phenom Christiano Rinaldo has tested positive for Covid three times, yet says he feels fine, strong and healthy. The same seems to hold for many, sports stars and otherwise – likely the overwhelming majority? – of those testing positive. Is this SARS virus already in our bodies, as part of our immune system, adapted with antibodies to other corona-type viruses? Is Covid like the ‘luminous ether’, everywhere in some sense, and nowhere in another? Symptomatic in some, but not in most? Who’s to say, when government officials adopt lying as a operative principle, and don’t see it as an intrinsic evil? In fact, they don’t see much as an intrinsic evil – except perhaps not recycling your plastics, or driving a fossil fuel car. I’m not saying they’re practising deceit, only that they are quite prepared to do so, so how can we trust them?

And, finally for now, we should ponder more closely the insidious thing they’re calling ‘The Great Reset‘. The symbolism on the cover of Time magazine does seem carefully planned out, as all covers are. Although we should take some caution with conspiracy theories, here is one interpretation:

Praise the Lord

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