The National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Puerto Rico, Mgr. Daniel Fernández, Bishop of Arecibo, invites us to the celebration of World Mission Sunday (DOMUND) and cites an episode from the Gospel in this context, reported Fides News Agency.

“Can we talk about a “Church that goes forth” and close our churches? Can we speak of a “Church as a field hospital if we are afraid of anointing the sick?” This pandemic brings us to think of the scene of the paralyzed at the pool of Bethesda (cf. Jn 5). How many thousands of people, despite returning to the celebration of masses, remain at the edge of the pool of Bethesda, unable to get into the water and receive healing! This sick person was 38 years old and wished he could go into the water … but his illness made it impossible for him. But Jesus did not remain indifferent, he does not forget anyone. He does not forget those who still attend Mass from home because the “Angel of the Lord” is present in the churches where they, due to the pandemic, cannot enter.

This is our mission in the midst of this pandemic, said the National Director. Believers should bring Jesus to the outskirts “under the arcades”, where “there are many sick, including the blind, lame, and crippled” (Jn 5: 3), awaiting the presence of God. As prophets of truth, they should continue to denounce sin.

Praise the Lord

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