Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Each and every person deserves the comfort of a safe and secure home. For many families living in poverty, however, this basic human right is far out of reach. In communities surrounding our sponsor sites, we see families living in difficult situations. Some houses are unsafe and in disrepair, or lack appliances and furniture. Other times, families struggle to afford the high cost of rental properties.  Some families don’t have homes at all, and are forced to shuffle between neighbors or relatives.

Thankfully, our dedicated donors selflessly support all sorts of incredible initiatives that help many of these families overcome these obstacles and achieve the dream of living in a secure and comfortable home. This week, we’re featuring our top 5 “comforting home” photos from our sites, so you can get a peek at some of these heartwarming stories for yourself!

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