In the Diocese of Ossory, Bishop Dermot Farrell launched a new parish-based program of preparation for the celebration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation. Underlining the need for effective preparation Bishop Farrell noted that “much has changed in our parishes and Church life and yet much remains the same. One of the key elements of a really fruitful and joyful celebration of the Sacraments is an effective program of preparation. I am delighted, then, to support a program of preparation, developed here in the Diocese of Ossory, as a means to ensure that children can be well prepared to celebrate these Sacraments in our parishes later in this school year”.

Under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Dermot Ryan, the team that wrote the program sought to develop an innovative parish-based preparation program that would permit children and their families to journey together towards the celebration of the Sacraments in the context of their parish communities.

Commenting on the program, Father Ryan said, “this online and interactive program ‘walks’ children through the steps necessary to understand, appreciate, celebrate effectively, and then live the Sacraments. We introduce them to Ich Thus, a most important fish, who will guide those preparing for Communion and Confirmation, in different ways, to the same result.  Online video modules, online interactive games/challenges and quizzes to reinforce learning, downloadable resources; moments of prayer; an appreciation of the journey towards celebrating the Sacraments are the key elements of what we hope will be a significant support to parishes in their efforts to help children on their faith journey”.

Praise the Lord

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