As the Pope promulgates another long, rambling, confusing document in which he quotes himself as the most important authority on everything again and again and again, one can only gaze with a sort of stunned incredulity of the chutzpah of a man who, less than one week after sacking the head of his own financial institutions for corruption, issues a missive to world governments on how they should be doing things.

As I spend my day, working with colleagues, travelling, looking after my children, I see that I am surrounded by so many souls who do not know Jesus as well as they should: as well as they could. I deeply desire to share the joy that my faith gives me. The important knowledge about truth, beauty, honour, loyalty and integrity that have a transformative effect on one’s life and relationships. The moving and comforting knowledge that Jesus died to save us from the slavery of our sin and that we do not have to simply exist: we can be more, we were created to be more!

Praise the Lord

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