Catholics have been brawling for about a week now over the pope’s comments, released in the new documentary Francesco, in support of homosexual civil unions. Some stragglers, apparently immune to reality and all its pomps, are still in denial over the unprecedented support shown by Francis for these “gravely immoral” (the Church’s words, not mine) unions. Meanwhile, no less of a figure than Archbishop Viganò says he believes Francis is trying to lure orthodox bishops into condemning his remarks in such a way that he can force a schism, with faithful Catholics falsely portrayed as enemies of the pope.

I’ve offered my own in-depth breakdown of the issues here.

Setting the controversy around this single topic aside, however, a trailer for the recently released documentary — one that likely would have faded quickly into obscurity if not for the headline-grabbing quote about civil unions — shows a film that is taking very targeted political shots at hot button issues for the progressive Left, all with the help of the Bergoglian papacy. (Remember that the pope not only knows about this film, he had a birthday party for the director and gave him an award for his work.)

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