(Photos in this article are from past year’s course)

Once again, women from all over Poland came to this beautiful site, located 50 kms from Warsaw, to be inspired by topics of great interest to them. This year the focus was on the “identity and mission” of women today. Topics dealt with in the lectures and workshops included: What is the “genius” of a woman? What is her role in the world and in the family? How can women care for relationships in the family, and for their own spiritual life and needs? The lectures were given by women who are working professionally and who also place great value of the role of the family in their own lives. The talks were very lively and at the same time practical, and also contained a deeper anthropological perspective.

“Regardless of my age and experience, I think you need to ask yourself these key questions: who am I? What is my mission in the world?” said Magda, who was attending the course for the third year in a row.

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