Time was when adverts on TV were amusing. Perhaps even better than the programs they showed. I used to go and make a cup of tea, or go to the bathroom, during the program and return in time for the adverts on TV. We even used to play a game as to who could guess what the advert was within the first few seconds of it showing on the screen. You got one point for each one you guessed right before everyone else. You lost a point for guessing wrong. We also played another game at adding points for the whole evening of watching TV if we had the product advertised in the house. If they advertised a certain brand of soap, and we had it in the house, that’s one point. Some evenings we scored as many as seven branded items which we had in the house.

Now adverts are different. For start they are boring. Predictable. And controlled by various regulations, and political correctness.

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