Instead of writing about Halloween, I’ll share a seasonally-appropriate story and talk about science, death being human: Waiting on a Dead World Inspiration and Stellar Evolution Still Seeking a Solar System Analog Metaphors and the Lives of Stars Sirius, Procyon and Weighing Stars “Vastness” and Questions Embracing Truth Philosophers and Models Earth, Eons and New Puzzles Faith, Reason and Me Life, Death and Dante’s Wood of the Suicides Neuroimaging and Pickled Brains, Altruists and Lab Rats Dante’s Hell: Seventh Circle, Second Ring “Here Shall They Hang” — Wood of the Suicides and Clueless Critics Being Human: Body and Soul Avoiding Suicide: Help is Available Art and Being Able to Smell Roses “In the Image of God:” Creativity Included Science Fiction and Attitudes It’s Alive! — Oh, ICK!! Kidnapping and Murder, Rules and PrinciplesAnd now, let me tell you a tale from a world whose inhabitants aren’t dead — but aren’t alive, either.

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