(In light of this being the feast of Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman, a reprisal of this fine piece from Carl Sundell seemed well in order🙂

John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890) was a priest of the Church of England who, after much agonizing, found his way into the Church of Rome at the age of 44. A year later he was ordained a Catholic priest, and at the age of 78 became a cardinal; a rare instance of a priest awarded the Cardinal’s red cloth without having first won the Bishop’s purple. Newman’s most famous works include Apologia Pro Vita Sua (the story of his spiritual journey), An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, The Idea of a University, The Grammar of Assent, and Parochial and Plain Sermons. Pope Pius XII believed that Newman one day would be declared a Doctor of the Church. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI conferred upon him the title of Blessed following the revelation of a miraculous healing through his intercession. A second recorded miracle required for sainthood recently was reported by the Archdiocese of Chicago to the Vatican for investigation.

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