At the site of Wanted In Rome, there is a piece about an unexploded WWII bomb discovered in a well-known street, the Via dei Cappellari, near my old stomping grounds Campo de’ Fiori, in the Regola zone. As a matter of fact, I had an apartment near to the place and the location, as I recognize from the photos, is just across from where I attended a couple dinner parties with friends at the home of interesting if eccentric self-described spinster. More at La Repubblica.

I was curious about how that bomb wound up there, because Rome centro was rarely attacked.  Most of the runs were at the periphery.   There was the infamous Verano in 1943 that produced the amazing photo of Pius XII.

However, there were a couple that grazed the centro including one that damage a building at the train station inside Vatican City.  My friend John Sonnen once posted on that HERE. I can imagine an early bomb dropping as they drew close to their target.

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