While we were in San Francisco, I finally read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah after hearing so many good things about it.  It seemed like every time I turned around, good reviews were popping up.  I’m so glad I finally read it, because I give it an easy 5 stars.  Why did I like this book and feel I can recommend it?Microcosm of the Civil Rights MovementKnow thyself is an important proverb, but self-awareness is the hardest lesson to come by.  I almost want to say it would be irresponsible not to read books like this, but this book is one of a kind. Looking at the apartheid in South Africa is like looking at a subset of American racism.  Trevor Noah was literally born a crime, because he had a white father and black mother. He was a literal misfit and a reflection of a society with broken laws and a corrupt perspective, in his own society.  His humor and clairvoyance are credit to that. To every instance, I could compare the changing of the laws and the mishaps and adventures as applied to a collective African American existence, with its massive implications and immense baggage in our country today.  However, you can see it with the clarity of an objective situation.Real stories from a real life

Trevor Noah is honest and never shies away from the truth, even if it makes him vulnerable, salty, or just very, very human.  I loved the tone of this book, which I think is so hard to come by from books coming out right now that have a bit of spice.  He is able to stay grounded with a grown-up perspective throughout his misadventures, and it is certainly springing from an awesome personality and a wonderful childhood with a wonderful mother. Now that race riots have become a norm and a staple of 2020, it is much easier to understand the anger and hatred bubbling up and reflecting the violence in our popular culture as well as in a land with many, many corrupt police officers.  The time has come to wake up and become alert toward this form of systemic racism.South African American PerspectiveSpoiler alert *but not really* Trevor Noah ended up in the U.S. and works as a comedian on Comedy Central late night TV.  I appreciate the overall perspective because it isn’t tied down to South Africa.  Coming to the U.S. really rounded out his viewpoint and I enjoyed seeing where his wisdom landed at the time of writing this book.  He is an excellent follow on social media, and he daily makes me laugh out loud. He is a stable voice in a very unstable world.Humorous Political Commentary

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