A decade ago, when I daily toiled at my blog, I would sift through emails or moderate comments and occasionally encounter those who would presume to tell me I was going to hell. Sometimes I would see these same people on social media and be struck by how incapable they seemed of putting out a good word in season to anyone, except those who were similarly cranky or dyspeptic. They were simply miserable, unhappy people, capable of laughter only, it seemed, if the joke came at the expense of someone they and their cohorts were openly gossiping about.

It always bothers me to see Christians get into such a habit of derision that they seem unable to speak a six-word sentence that might be the most humane and important one we can utter, because it puts us in perfect agreement with the Creator: “It is good that you exist.”

As Pope Benedict XIV, then Joseph Ratzinger, wrote:

Praise the Lord

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