The Pew Research Center released a new report entitled “US Teens Take After Their Parents Religiously, Attend Services Together and Enjoy Family Rituals.” But the survey also showed that Catholic US teenagers “mirror their peers on religious trends.” This is not surprising given that American Catholics, while ethnically diverse, tend to share the values and behaviors of most Americans. And given that America is, in a secularized sort of way, a post-Christian society, it is not at all surprising to find US Catholic teens mirroring their peers on religious trends. But before diving into a cultural analysis of what is potentially behind the latest report, let’s look at the findings of the study itself. 

I encourage you to take a look at the full survey, but for my purposes I want to only focus on a few parts. Catholic News Agency had a nice summary of the report, which stated: 

Of the teenage children of Catholic parents, 81% of them identify as Catholic but 15% are religiously-unaffiliated.

Praise the Lord

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