The popular resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has compelled academic institutions and corporate America to make a public pledge to root out systemic racism and promote justice, equality, and diversity within their ranks, lest they face the cold-blooded mob for inaction. Internationally famed companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, JP Morgan, and Airbnb, released public apologias for their implicit sins to consumers and shareholders, bowing to the altar of identity politics to express their newfound wokeness. Even the U.S. Armed Forces, whose sole mission is to defend this nation from those who seek to do us harm, were not spared from this radical utopian ideal.

On September 9, the Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy sent an email titled, “Reflections from the Superintendent on Diversity and Inclusion,” which read, “Training sessions about the importance of diversity to our institution are scheduled for all classes of midshipmen throughout the fall semester; all faculty and staff will also be trained on diversity, equity and inclusion.” How the superintendent plans to execute this abstract, broadly unaccountable commission remains in doubt.

Which progressive organizations will the university partner with to sponsor such a curriculum and what will be its content? To those American taxpayers concerned with the leftist direction which higher education is marching towards, as it has been for several decades, this news is another disappointment to the already long list of societal grievances. Those curious regarding the nature of the proposed “diversity, equity and inclusion” training at the Naval Academy need to look no further than the mission and goals of an alumni-led group, formally unassociated but allied with the institution, which shed some light on what measures are being proposed.

Praise the Lord

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