I enjoy reading Dr Ian Paul’s blog, and this one caught my eye. It is a review of a book by Savvas Costi, a graduate from the London School of Theology who currently leads the Religion and Philosophy department at a secondary school in East Sussex.

It caught my eye because it pertains to one of the key issues for me growing up and thinking about faith: what’s the point of following Jesus?Born in 1971, and raised as a Catholic by my Irish mother, I accepted the practices of the faith and found prayer a natural and easy thing. I formed a real relationship with Jesus and this has always been part of my life. I always really enjoyed thinking and talking about religion and faith. In youth discussion groups, with priests and even with Jehovah’s Witnesses or Latter Day Saints who knocked on the door of my family home.

Despite this, I found it difficult to connect the friend I had made in my prayer life with Mass and what we did “in” the Church. I don’t really mean Mass here, although I do think the post- Vatican II liturgy was a bit confused and very sixties. What I really mean is – what being a Christian actually looked like and what it actually did. I couldn’t see much difference from everyone else. I went to a Catholic School, but lots (most?) of the other kids didn’t seem to believe at all, and if they did, it certainly didn’t appear to have any effect on their behaviour.

Praise the Lord

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