In ten years, when you think back to the year 2020, which name will come to mind? Maybe it will be Donald Trump or Joseph Biden. Maybe it will be George Floyd or Rayshard Brooks. For me, I’m afraid, it will be Joseph D. Rosenbaum.

A video recorded during the Kenosha protests shows Mr. Rosenbaum—a bald, angry, diminutive man—antagonizing members of a right-wing militia. “Shoot me, n**gga,” he growls. “Shoot me, n**gga.” A few hours later, he was shot by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

Following his death, reporters discovered that Mr. Rosenbaum was a serial child rapist. We know that he sexually assaulted eleven boys. How many others did he violate without being caught? We can only imagine, though I don’t suggest you try.

Praise the Lord

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