Corruption, the number one threat to our heritage

When thinking of South Africa’s heritage; our rich diversity, vibrant history, extraordinary natural beauty, and fascinating landmarks, come first to mind. Today we celebrate our heritage as South Africans. Our country has started to acknowledge the rich heritage of the Khoi, the Afrikaner, the Indian, the Coloured, the English, and the Blacks. During Apartheid times, our country did not reflect the cultural experiences of the majority of its citizens. European socio-cultural experiences were celebrated in song, dance, literature, museums, theatre, poetry, and architect. After 1994, we still felt like aliens in our own country. Our cultural heritage was despised and denigrated. We cried out and said: Black lives matter! Our heritage must be acknowledged, celebrated, and promoted! Transformation is slow but it is taking place.

The excuse of our government, for not doing enough for our heritage, is that they do not have enough money for the ‘Heritage project’!  The question is, where is the money?  The money has been swallowed by a dragon called corruption!

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