It is easy for us to assume that people are either insane or sane. In fact, the sane and the insane or only the extreme ends of a spectrum. Insane people are simply further gone than the rest of us. Saints are at the other end of the spectrum and are truly whole, truly human and truly completed works of the divine art.

One of the marks of true insanity is that the insane person doesn’t realize they are insane. That’s why they have to be carted off forcefully. Further down the spectrum are all those who are insane or deranged or imbalanced in some way in one area of their life or another. We can think of those poor souls who are perfectly okay in every other way, but they are obsessive about some conspiracy theory or they hold to some kooky perspective on something. Maybe they have an addiction or a secret perversion in their lives. Maybe through bitterness and resentment their hearts and minds are poisoned and they bear a grudge and end up acting and speaking irrationally.

We don’t know where we’re crazy. We don’t know what we don’t know. We are blind to our blind spot. Furthermore, the more distorted our vision of reality is, the more we can’t see the insanity of other people. We’re all stumbling around in the dark, feeling our way forward.

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