An inter-congregational group of nuns in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in southern India, has launched a food security program, managing to provide for the daily sustenance of 2000 poor people, affected by the severe economic crisis that is shaking the country, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reported Fides News Agency.

“We distribute food packs to more than 2000 poor people every day with the help of other organizations and donors”, says to Fides Sister Boyapati Jayasree, of the “Daughters of Wisdom” congregation and coordinator of the NGO “Dream India Network” (DIN), through which the assistance project is carried out. DIN is in fact an NGO founded in 2012 in Bangalore by a group of Catholic laypeople and religious led by Salesian Fr. Edward Thomas.

Sister Jayasree has been working with DIN since 2016 and today there are 11 sisters from eight different congregations involved in the food security program.

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