‘It is very important that in our approach to other people we do not limit ourselves only to collecting money, which in some way justify us that we help foreigners, migrants,’ said Bishop Krzysztof Zadarko, delegate of the Polish Episcopal Conference for immigration, during a press conference organized by the Catholic Information Agency before the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which this year falls on Sunday 27 September.

Bishop Zadarko recalled that this year Pope Francis devoted his message to the issue of internally displaced persons. “It is worth remembering that worldwide, according to the estimates provided by organizations dealing with migrants and refugees, this number is in the order of approx. 33-34 million, of which approx. 8.5 million are people who are victims of internal conflicts, and approx. 20 million people flee within a given country as a result of natural or humanitarian disasters, ”he explained.

In his message, Pope Francis invokes the image of the Holy Family who were forced to flee to Egypt to save the life of Jesus Christ. Bishop Zadarko recalled that Pope Francis uses four verbs that are to characterize our attitude towards migrants and refugees: to welcome, promote, protect, and integrate. These four verbs have been in use for about four years, and in this document, the Pope completes them with six other verbs that form the core of the whole message: to know to understand; come closer to serve, listen to reconcile, share to develop, get involved to promote; work together to build.

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